Coming from a North African heritage, Moroccan and Sudanese, I grew up in a superstitious home. I have always been fascinated with the stories my mum and aunts would tell me growing up, they were so magical and made my imagination run wild. But my biggest fascination was with the hand and the evil eye; just by wearing them you are protected from evil. When I went to visit family in morocco I realised that they weren't just stories to them, it's a way of life.

The Hand has many names: Khamsa, Hamsa, The hand of Fatima and The hand of Miriam.

The Khamsa is an emblem of protection from evil - it wards off unwanted harm from people and bad spirits - and it also brings good luck. Traditionally, it is worn as jewellery or used as decoration around the home. The khamsa comes in many designs, shapes and patterns in a form of the right hand; when evil comes your way it goes back to them times 5 - hence why it's called a khamsa, which means 5 in Moroccan.

SUGA WILD is a fusion of this superstitious and magical element, and also mixed with other aspects of my interests to create a unique and distinctive Brand.